TRUFOB Wireless Key TAG for Iphone and Ipads

TRUFOB Wireless Key TAG for Iphone and Ipads
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This Wireless Tracking Tag can be attached to any item such as keys, luggage, briefcase, leave it on your car or bike or even children backpacks. The Tag communicates with our proprietary application using the BlueTooth technology, this application has been developed to be use with Apple products like Iphone and Ipads. Download the free app on your Itunes or App store searching by TRUFOB. The Wireless tags operates with a single lithium cell battery that is included. Easy to set up you can manage multiple Wireless tags on your application, up to 5 tags on the free App. The Wireless tag can be configure to custom functionality for a valuable item, a luggage or back pack, or for cars and bikes. Depending on the selected category the Wireless tag will operate and provide critical messages and alarms based on the type of item it has been attached to. You can define Friendly places as areas where your items are secure and you do not want to be alerted if you loose track or communication with your item, such places can be your home, your office, and your parents place for example.