How to sell electronics

//How to sell electronics

How to sell electronics

Are you an owner of a slightly older model of PC that is still working? A smartphone that you are keeping in your closet? Most people have electronics that they are not using for years, but they still keep them in their homes. The good news is that you can now sell electronics over the Internet or in physical stores. So, you will get some money for the things you don’t know what to do with – isn’t that great?


Amazon is providing questionnaires to potential sellers. So, all you have to do is to choose the category, model and the current condition of your device to get a quote. According to many users, Amazon is quite generous and provides fair offers. In case you decide to accept their offer, you will not get cash. Instead of that, you will get an Amazon gift card. Of course, before you get the card, they will have to check your device. If everything is fine, you will get the card. The good news is that you will get the card within 2 business days from the moment they get the device. The shipping is covered by Amazon.

Best Buy

Best Buy has developed a great trade-in program. Similar to Amazon, you have to fill their questionnaire and they will send a quote. Another thing that is similar to Amazon is the fact that you won’t get cash – you will get a Best Buy gift card instead. Unlike Amazon, you can buy only electronics via Best Buy. You mail your device to Best Buy or use some of their physical stores where the trade-ins are accepted.


Another good idea is to use Facebook’s For Sale groups. These groups consist of Facebook members interested in buying and selling things. Obviously, you should look for groups focused on electronics. Every user has to upload an image (or a few of them) of the product, reveal the price and wait for people to contact them.


Nextworth is a platform that purchases used electronics. They provide three options to their users – Target gift cards, PayPal or check. They have a detailed questionnaire that you have to fill in order to get a quote. Their offers are slightly worse compared to Amazon and even to Best Buy. On the positive side, you can drop your device at any Target store and get a gift card right away.

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